Lonely Farm On The Interstate


I saw this pretty old farmhouse streak by my window as I was driving on I-35 and knew right away that I had to get off the freeway to find my way back to it. After maneuvering a few backroads, I found the frontage road that would put me between the vacant house and I-35. When I got there, it looked like the orange sun was melting into the field behind the house and outbuildings. Perfect timing. 

I snapped a few photos and daydreamed about the families that called this place home since the house was built in 1918. I tried to block out all of the noise and imagine how peaceful it must have been to sit on the back porch watching the sunset here before cars whizzed by at 70 mph. Until the 1960s, the main north-south thoroughfare in this area was Highway 61, which lies about a mile and a half east of the farm. 

When I drove by in August 2020, the 80-acre farm was for sale. My guess is that its location and the modest price will make the property a prime spot for development and that the house and old farm buildings won’t be standing all that much longer.

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