Sons of Norway Heimbygda Lodge In Lanesboro


In 1929, the Sons of Norway Heimbygda Lodge was established in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Membership grew steadily, and the group needed a permanent home for community events and membership meetings.

Members purchased the old Norwegian (later, Bethlehem) Lutheran Church in 1960 for $3,600 to use as their lodge. The building was built by the congregation in 1910. They added a kitchen to the building in 1921, and bathrooms were added in 1952.


By the 2010s, the lodge needed significant renovation and repairs. Funds were raised, and grants were obtained to complete the necessary work. Much of the work was done in 2018. 

Workers uncovered a dome in the ceiling that no one remembered being there, so it was opened up and restored as part of the project. The white exterior was also repainted gray as it was back when it was originally built. ADA-compliant bathrooms and an entry ramp were also completed.


The Sons of Norway Heimbygda Lodge continues its monthly meetings in the building. Now it is rented for community meetings and events as well.

The lodge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Lanesboro Historic District in 1982. You can see the building at 200 Parkway Ave S.

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