Churchill Methodist Church Near Brookfield


The Churchill Methodist Church is located in present-day Brookfield Township, Minnesota. The building is the last structure standing from the former town of Churchill. The church was built in the 1890s and was located on the southwestern corner of the crossroads town. At the turn of the 20th century, a creamery and store were found on the southeastern corner. The District Number 49 school was built on the northeastern corner around the same time as the church. The Brookfield Cemetery can be found about a quarter-mile west of the church.

When the church disbanded in 1979, they sold the property to the Renville County Historical Society for $1. They wanted to move the building to the museum grounds in Morton, but could never raise the money needed to fix it up and move it. In 2008, the historical society decided it would no longer act as caretaker for the property. They hoped to sell off any important items inside and believed the building would be razed. But it still stands in memory of a long-forgotten town.

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