Taylor House In Le Sueur


There are quite a few examples of the gorgeous Eastlake-style architecture in Minnesota, but this has to be one of the most stunning I’ve seen. This house was constructed in Le Sueur, Minnesota, for merchant George Taylor and his family. It was built in 1890 and, like many Victorian homes of the era, was initially painted with a polychrome color scheme. 

Canada-native George Taylor came to Le Sueur in 1865 after a short stint in Buffalo, New York. In 1874, he married Lodusky J. Patten. She was part of a prominent Le Sueur family whose father, William Henry Patten, owned a “double store” and an interest in several other businesses in town. The couple had two children – Georgina and William – and an adopted daughter, Irene. Three other children died in infancy. 

Lodusky was on the board of several local and national charities. She was heavily involved in the Women’s Relief Corps for her entire adult life. In 1902 and 1903, she served as national president of the organization.

George held a position at another store before joining Lodusky’s father at W. H. Patten & Co. In 1877, the firm’s name was changed to Patten, Taylor & Co. William Patten gave one-third of the business to his son, one-third to George, and kept one-third for himself. The firm handled all kinds of general merchandise and large quantities of wood and pork. The company employed nine men.

George and Lodusky eventually split their time between their home in Le Sueur and Minneapolis. Lodusky died in 1923, and George followed in 1925. They are buried in Mound Cemetery in Le Sueur. 

Today, their stylish Le Sueur home remains a private residence. You can find it on the corner of Bridge and Second Street S. 

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